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Big game fishing (1-3 people)
From €475.00 / 2 h
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Pernajanlahti and its archipelago is one of the largest inland bays in the Gulf of Finland. It is characterised by highly variable salinity. At the mouth of the Koskenkylänjoki River, the water is almost fresh, and all species that require salt in the Baltic Sea are found on the southern edge of the bay. The area is rich in birdlife and has several bird sanctuaries. Waterfowl are abundant in spring as they search for suitable nesting sites. It is also possible to spot white-tailed eagles and ospreys. In autumn, while fishing, you may see grey seals, which come to feed in the area when the waters cool down. Water levels can occasionally fluctuate significantly, which adds interest to the fishing.

Due to the varying conditions, it is very important that our guides are familiar with the particularities of the area as only then can we ensure the best possible fishing experience. We are also out and about in the area on a daily basis so we have the latest information on where to target fish at any given time.

The most typical way of fishing is basic casting but our guides are proficient in all other fishing methods. If you wish, we can try jigging or fishing for pike with more powerful tackle, either jerks or shad.

Casting tackle can be used to catch large sea bass, pike and pike perch, as well as trout near the banks and reefs. Trolling is possible both in the shelter of the archipelago and out in the open sea, with either sea trout or salmon as the prey.

Species-specific dates

  • Pike 15.4. (from the start of the open water) - 15.12. (until the start of the ice)

  • Perch 15.5. to 15.6. and 1.9. to 15.12.

  • Pike 1.5. - 15.11.

  • Sea trout 1.5. to 15.6. and 1.10. to 15.12.

  • Salmon 15.5. - 31.7.