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The theme trip is based on the beloved picture book “The book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My” by Tove Jansson . Island Riddles will take you on a milk-seeking trip to the Moomin primeval forest and to the same beaches that Tove used to walk as a child. When you set out on your journey, you will receive a book along with 14 puzzles, by solving them
you will find the path through the forest. Take your friend by the hand, let´s go!

So how does this adventure work?
At the point of departure, you get instructions and the Moomin book and a clue for your first task. By solving the tasks, you move independently thru the forrest to the finishline. Some tasks require cleverness and the adventure is suitable for both adults and older children. But you need to be able to move about 3.5 km along trails in the terrain.

Start and finish
The adventure begins at the villageshop, Söderby-Boden. (address: Vanha Söderbyntie 44, 07390 Suurpellinki ). At the shop you will given instructions to the tour and after that you will move by your own in the terrain. The 3.5-kilometer-long trail takes 2-3 hours to hike in the beautiful archipelago nature. The game ends on a high cliff overlooking the Gulf of Finland. There, on the lean-to, it is good to eat dinner and go out and wash your paws in the ocean.

We reserve the trail for only one group at a time. So you can enjoy the nature and the company of each other without interruption or rushing, and the lean-to is reserved for only you for a couple of hours. The ideal size of the group is up to six people - but don't worry if you are more: we can send the adventurers in smaller groups.

Age recommendation
The recommended minimum age is 6 years, but younger children are also allowed to participate, here you parents know your child best. Children under the age of 3 participate for free and are welcome to join, the best way to do it is with a carrying belt or backpack, we do not recommend a stroller. Groups with under 16 year olds must always have one adult.

We are adventurous – so dress according to the weather! You don't need any special equipment, just comfortable shoes and one mobile phone to access the web. You get a backpack with other play equipment when you leave the store. You can borrow raincoats from us if you need to. Remember the bottle of water and dinner!

Opening hours and rates
Island Riddles adventure trail is open from April to September. Book a game here: (link to booking calendar)